Parent Infant psychotherapy
Support for you and your baby at the start of life

Parent Infant psychotherapy can support you in your relationship with your baby anytime from pregnancy until your baby is two years old.


How does parent infant psychotherapy work?

Parent infant psychotherapy focuses on your strengths to

build your relationship with your baby.

My experience includes offering therapy in small groups.

Parent Infant psychotherapy usually involves baby coming

to sessions.

How much does therapy cost?

Day time sessions 8am-5pm cost from £50 

Evening sessions 5pm-8pm cost from £60

Payment is made prior to each session by cash,cheque or bank transfer.

My qualifications and experience

I am a qualified parent infant psychotherapist with experience of                                                   helping parents and babies with presenting issues including:​

  • unresolved issues from your past, impacting on how you feel                                                                            about yourself and baby

  • previous miscarriage, still birth or loss of a child

  • birth trauma

  • ante/postnatal depression/psychosis

  • baby has difficulties feeding, sleeping, crying

  • illness,disability, prematurity

  • difficult feelings about the baby and becoming parents