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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can support you at difficult times in your life and help you to change patterns of behaviour and understand yourself better to live a more choiceful life. You may have difficult thoughts, feelings or behaviours or relationships that are troubling you. You may have experienced a bereavement or a traumatic circumstance or issues from your childhood that are causing you to feel distressed or upset in the present. It is possible with psychotherapy to live more comfortably with yourself now and for the future.

​Counselling and psychotherapy sessions take place at the same time each week for 50 minutes. The regularity of the sessions helps to develop a safe and secure relationship where you can feel free to share what is troubling you in a non judgemental space.


Traditional Quilt

I abide by the code of ethics of UKCP and UPCA. Counselling and psychotherapy is confidential, with a few exceptions that will be explained when we meet. Psychotherapists and counsellors are obliged to talk about their work with a supervisor, to ensure good standards for your safety. ​

Psychotherapy and counselling for people becoming parents
 Becoming a parent can present unexpected challenges. I have specialist training in  parent infant psychotherapy and experience of helping parents to be and parents, partners and babies with issues including:​
  • unresolved issues from your past 
  • miscarriage and loss of a baby

  • birth trauma

  • ante/postnatal depression

  • baby has difficulties feeding, sleeping, crying

  • illness,disability, prematurity

  • difficult feelings about the baby and becoming parents

  • other issues

Newborn Baby
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